Meet Lauren 

"Meditation is an innate skill we all have".


I know you're looking for this amazing story. This transformational moment when I realized I was enough, that I overcame hardships, saw the light or something to that tune, right? Honestly, I used to tell that story. But along my journey, I learned some life-shaping principles that deeply connect us and I wanted to share them with you.

1. No one person, thing, or group is the answer. 

2. Above all else, we want to feel safe. 

3. We have the will of choice.

4. Emotions are our guides (Yes, even fear).

5. Our purpose is NOT our career.

6. Our perception of the world is our experience.

7. Being is enough.

It's likely as you're reading this I could add 7 more principles, which is why no one person is the answer. We are always making sense of the world, transforming, and expressing. If I'm brutally honest, these principles are not new, nor do they belong to me. They connect us.; they're ours. You're here because you want to know more about me and what I can tell you is I'm just like you. 

I'm figuring "it" out along the way. I stumbled into meditation and spirituality sixteen years ago in a Buddhist Temple in the heart of Chicago in search of relief. I've bobbed and weaved ever since with meditation. Falling into it and out of it, consuming it, questioning, practicing, ignoring, creating, and so on.


 There's something about meditation that allows me to step into life. I can witness things a little clearer, my heart takes the lead, and find myself genuinely more open to life. Why I'm here is simple. Meditation helped me and in return, I want to help you. I'm truly grateful you landed here on your journey and honored to share it with you. Looking forward to sitting with you. 




A little More...

"Be at peace with

the world and the

the world will be at peace."

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Our sweet girl.

Lauren is a certified 200RYT yoga teacher, holds a certificate in meditation from Boise State University, a current Chopra teacher trainee, host of Inner Guidance Daily podcast, and teacher on Insight Timer.