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How To Be Afraid & Do It Anyways.

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Think powerfully.

Have you ever thought, “ I can’t do that because of ______.”?

For me, it sounds something like, “I can’t wear that I’m too short. I can't leave the house without make-up on. I can't go there, I don't fit in..." and so on.

The “ I can’t do that.” belief shows up for all of us. It's showing up to protect you and keep you safe. Your mind wants nothing more than to keep you away from any potential emotional or physical pain. That's its job. It's survival. Accepting that this is not only natural but something to be thankful for is one step closer in claiming your ability to be afraid and do "it" anyway.

Often we stop our momentum when fear surfaces. We trust fear blindly. We never stop to investigate, fact check, or learn from it. In survival situations, this works to keep us alive but what happens when there is no real life-threatening harm? Take my own example of the fear, "I can't wear that. I'm too short." My mind is sure that I should fear to wear a particular outfit. What the fear is saying is, "Don't wear this. It may cause you emotional pain." The emotional pain in this example would be being judged for not looking like the model who is pictured wearing the outfit. The model is setting an example of how this outfit is supposed to look on a body. Since I don't look like that model I shouldn't avoid the judgment and societal rejection and not wear it.

See how this works? See how ridiculous this fear is when we broke it down?

Each of us is experiencing negative and fearful thoughts. It's up to you to become aware of how you're learning in life. Is it through fear or is it through wisdom? You can stop yourself anytime you're feeling afraid when you want to do something new or something that feels good to your soul. Choose to view through a lens of wisdom and love. I’ve outlined below a really simple "Do it anyway" approach to feeling fear. 

This is outlined is in steps, however, the way to approach this is to think within seconds. The more you practice this the easier and more familiar it will become. Start with small fears like, wearing what you want and build from there.

It is recommended to write the first one out so that you fully understand the process. Once you are familiar with the outline below you will be able to move quickly through the steps and can experience the act of being afraid but doing it anyway. 

The "do it anyway" approach:

1. Write down what it is you desire to do, say or have.

2. Write down the reasons that come up for you as to why you can’t do it. List all your fears.

3. Stop. Sit with your fears and morph into a sleuth of truth.

Reread the reasons you wrote down in step two.

Next to each reason write down what comes up for you when you ask yourself the following:

Q. Is this true? Do these thoughts hold true? Are these reasons actually happening or are they made up to protect me? What would be the worst thing that could happen? Am I ok with that?

4. Take action now that you're clear on what is the truth.

Sleuth of truth breakdown:

Let’s break down step three further. There is the truth and then there are sneaky lies our mind tells us in order to keep us out of emotional or physical harm. The truth is you can do, say or have anything you want. 

( pause) Let that sink in for you. 

Be rebellious against your own limiting beliefs and trust that with good intentions behind anything you want to do, say or have, you will succeed.

Ok, so you tried the "Do it anyways method" and still need an extra oomph to get out there and go for what you want? Use this Inner Rebel Mantra anytime you are needing an extra lovingly kick in the pants, "I am wildly capable."

You are!

Decoding and fact-checking your fears with the truth is the easiest and quickest way to put them aside and go for what you want and desire. It is really as simple as acknowledging your fears and doing "it" anyways.

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