The Origins Of Inner Rebel

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

The quieter you become the more you hear. -Rumi

When I was naming this company I had to step back from everything I “knew” and get quiet. Truthfully and in full transparency I had already named the company something else (which is another story). I had named it “Rebel Tribe”. The word "tribe" is heavy loaded and didn't sit well with me or others; as I came to learn.

I sat in my office and allocated time to just be. I closed my eyes and first gave thanks to the abundance and magic that is life. Trust me that was not my first instinct. Prior to this moment, I had spent 2 weeks banging my head against the wall and desk ( literally) demanding a name to fall into my lap. “Why isn’t it coming? Why can’t I think of it? What is it? I need it but don’t know what it is.” I had to use what I know to be true even though all I wanted to do was control, force and focus on what I was lacking. That method doesn’t work. I finally surrendered. I tossed it up to the universe and declared today is the day I will name this company. I believed it would happen and that I had all I needed.

After giving thanks, I imagined being in front of “my committee” like the board for the company that is me. Whether you believe in guardian angels or not, we all have a committee of energy that is with us. For me, it was imagining my non-physical committee around me: guardian angels, spirit guides, granny and grandpa, etc. I first, gave them all a huge hug and then had them all put their hands up in the air to give me a high five as I ran by. Why? I don’t know, seemed appropriate.

I asked my Grandpa, “What do you need me to know?”

He said, clear as day, “Tell your mom I’m in the garden with her.”

I said, “Will do, Grandpa.”

That had nothing to do with my company but still awesomely cool. It felt so real. I could distinctively smell the mud from his farm work boots in my office as he was talking.

I asked my Granny, “What do you need me to know?”

She said, “I don’t know the name of your company but they do.”

She pointed to my committee. As she faded off into the distance a strong and potent floral smell was present and then gone.

I asked my committee, “What do you need me to know?”

I didn’t hear anything this time. I saw three words that emerged very clearly: defense, energy and great. I said my deep gratitude and goodbyes to everyone and opened my eyes. Thirty minutes had passed but it felt more like five. I was still perplexed. What was I going to name this company and what the heck did defense, energy and great have to do with it. I felt so relaxed, calm, loved and supported.

I carried on and believed wholeheartedly i would name this company today. I picked up a magazine and jotted down any word that jumped out for me. “Consciousness, Inner, flow, track, inner peace, connect, hustle, inner living, refresh, inner armor, manifest, grow, etc.”

The word “inner” kept coming up and I kept writing it down and finally I put “Inner Rebel” together and I just knew. That was it. The Inner Rebel.

It is your greatest defense, your source of energy and your greatness. My committee didn’t just flat out tell me the name. They provided the space for me to be the originator, while being backed by a force much more knowing than I.

I learned so much from that thirty minute experience. I’m still in awe of the smells, the power of your intuition and the deep sense of knowing we can always tap into. Most of all, I’m moved everyday to create space for the Inner Rebel to thrive in each one of us.

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