Inner Rebel Mantras For the Inner Critic

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Ready for the hard truth? You are accountable for your inner critic. Yup, she's/he's/they're all yours.

The greatest self-defense to the inner critic is your Inner Rebel.

What we are all equipped with is the strength and love from our Inner Rebel. That is your greatest self-defense to self acceptance.

We need to accept that we own, are responsible and accountable for our inner critic. There is no one else but you tuning in to that "station". One more truth bomb for you, she's/he's/they're not going anywhere. There will be an ever-present inner critical voice with you for your entire life. You get to choose the volume.

The unawareness and non-confrontation of your inner critic are stopping you from enjoying your life. What we fear owns us. The longer you avoid confronting and conversing with your inner-critic the longer it will control you. It will paint each experience with its fearful lens. We are wired to pay attention to what may be harmful to us, so we pay real close attention to our inner-critic; to a fault.

It's the acceptance of the whole you that sets you free. That includes the parts you don't want to post on social media or brag about on your resume, like your inner-critic.

What we are all equipped with is the strength and love of our inner rebel or higher-self. That is your greatest self-defense to self acceptance. It is your source of energy to persevere and most importantly it the greatness of who you are. What is your inner rebel? Learn more here.

You have the power to not allow for a lifetime of judgment and criticism done by yourself.

This is your life and we only get this one. There is on average 29,000 days in one lifetime.

Mantras, root you back into the present moment.

One of the most powerful ways to take your inner critic head-on, is to establish the habit of soothing the mind. Meditation is the most common and clinically proven solution to do that. One of the benefits of meditation is learning the use of mantras. A mantra is a phrase or sounds repeated for concentration and/or clarity of mind. For every negative and critical thought, there is a meaningful and loving response.

Mantras, root you back into the present moment. They serve as a response by reminding you of your innate greatness. Below are some of my favorites.

Inner Rebel mantras for the inner critic:

Morning Mantra: This day is my greatest opportunity; thank you.

Daily Intention: "May my heart be open and soul so soft that I am a conduit to all things good. "- Marianne Williamson

Do Mantra: I am wildly capable and I have defined success on my terms.

Have Mantra: I am worthy, as I am in this moment, to have _________ in my life.

Say Mantra: I can be both likable and opinionated.

Everyday Mantra: It’s ok to be seen as I truly am.

Go, Do and Say Anything Mantra: I matter.

Feeling Stuck Mantra: Opportunities are bountiful for me.

Need Courage: To all the girls watching, let me pave the way.

Feeling unworthy: I am love. ( Think of someone you love SO freakin' deeply. You are that lovable. Turn that feeling inward and tune into, "I am love.")

Feeling uncertain: I am always safe.


Curious the origins of mantras? Check this out.

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